A Big Week for Carolyn and Me

This past week involved several breakthroughs for Carolyn and me. The first one involved moving the last of our personal items from New Jersey to New Hampshire. Now our home is truly in Peterborough New Hampshire, and what remains in Summit New Jersey are just “things.” Don’t get me wrong – we had many great years in Summit, but our new life is now here.

Charlie and Carolyn Hough

Land Rover Defender

The other breakthrough involved me recognizing the impact of multiple sources of stress on my psyche and deciding to address it in a positive way with input from Carolyn and multiple friends who care about me. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of these people.

And finally, Cranberry Meadow Farm has a new company vehicle that replaces the Honda CRV that has served our family so well over the last 8 years. This one was built in 1991, but I hope we will have it for many years to come. Check it out below. -Charlie