A New Way of Working

Friday beer o’clock is a little different now at Cranberry Meadow Farm – luckily it is warming up a bit, so my fire pit is not needed anymore. However, you have to learn how to speak fairly loudly if you want to share a story with the group. We have a really great crew, and hopefully they will keep showing up for work if we are all very careful. Drywall should start going up in the next week or two if we are lucky.

I set up a game camera a few weeks ago to discover what types of animals frequent our 80 acres of property. The vast majority of photos are deer, typically feeding at night time. Here is one captured during the spring snow storm last week which dumped 10 inches. I did take the plow off my John Deere Gator yesterday in the hopes that we have seen the last of the white stuff.

Construction at Cranberry Meadow Farm

Game Camera

Game Camera

Game Camera

Puppy in the Woods

Wildlife in the Woods

There were a few other creatures captured aside from deer, which was a bit of a surprise to me. Here is a coyote and either a bobcat or a lynx (not sure which one), which tells me that we need to be a very careful about where our puppy Mona wanders until she is a bit bigger.

We all take two or three hikes a day with Mona who seems to gain a pound each day. She has boundless energy, which helps us all unless her needle sharp teeth pierce a hand. I guess all of these trees were tipped over by a heavy snow storm, but they seem to still be growing horizontally.

The photo above is also from the game camera in the same spot. Spring turkey season starts on May 1, and I am hoping to find a good spot to spend the mornings with my coffee thermos and crossbow. Happy Sunday! – Charlie