Happy Thanksgiving

I have searched for months to find the marker for the original Wilson Tavern that was run by William Wilson’s father before it burned down. Then his son built our house as a tavern “nearby.” I found it on Sunday while walking from house to house to get a petition signed in order to try to get the State of New Hampshire to follow its own laws. But it is Thanksgiving, so I should refrain from politics.

I feel very lucky to be here this Thanksgiving and very lucky to be alive and well with my wife, Carolyn.

Original Wilson Tavern Marker

Pool Construction

Pool Construction

Yesterday the gunite pool was sprayed. It was fascinating to watch. Bruce from Yankee Pools did an amazing job to get this done before winter even though our town “elders” tried to make it as difficult as possible for him. It was fascinating to watch.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your friends and family over this weekend even if it is not Thanksgiving today where you are. Appreciate every day. —Charlie