Cranberry Meadow Farm 5 Old Street Road, Peterborough NH 603-784-5766

Cranberry Meadow Farm 5 Old Street Road, Peterborough NH 603-784-5766

Cranberry Meadow Farm 5 Old Street Road, Peterborough NH 603-784-5766 Cranberry Meadow Farm 5 Old Street Road, Peterborough NH 603-784-5766 Cranberry Meadow Farm 5 Old Street Road, Peterborough NH 603-784-5766

Things to Do


Exercise & Wellness

  • On Site Fitness Center and Sauna: Exit the door in the kitchen towards the driveway and cross the breezeway to access the upper level fitness center and sauna. A variety of aerobic equipment and free weights are available 24 hours a day. There is a bathroom and shower in the fitness and sauna area for your use. All guest rooms are equipped with a steam shower that can be set from 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for your relaxation.

  • On Site Pool and Hot Tub: The outdoor swimming pool is open seasonally from 7am to 10pm. The hot tub in the shed across the driveway is open year round from 7am to 10pm. Operating instructions are on the wall of the shed.

  • Running: For a four mile run, exit our driveway and take a right. Go through two stop signs and then you will reach a traffic circle near the hospital, which is exactly two miles from here. Turn around and run back to the inn. Click here for map. For a longer run of about 5.6 miles, exit our driveway and take a right. After the first stop sign, take a right on Corley Road and run to the end of the road where there is a pond. Turn around and run back to the inn. Click here for a map.

  • Walking: Exit our driveway and take a right. Walk up the hill and look at the marsh on the right side, Mount Monadnock in the distance on your left side, and Pack Monadnock in the distance on your right side. Pass through the stop sign, and on the left side of the road is Peterborough’s Old Street Road Cemetery, which is the final resting place of most of the town's Revolutionary War veterans, including William Diamond, the drummer boy of Lexington, who chose to move to Peterborough in 1795 and establish his family here among our hills. Turn around and walk back. Click here for map.

  • Kayaking: If you have cross bars on your car, head over to Eastern Mountain Sports in Peterborough where you can rent kayaks and other necessary equipment. They can also give you suggestions on the best places for a paddle. Click here for directions.

  • Feeding the Koi or Catching Trout in the Pond: Ask us for a bag of fish food and head out back to the pond. Have a seat on the metal bench and enjoy the show as you toss the fish some food. Or try your luck catching trout with a your fly rod or one of our more basic rods with a worm or other bait. If you catch one, you can release it or have Carolyn cook it for your lunch or dinner.

  • Collecting Eggs from the Chickens: Take a walk with one of the inn keepers out to the chicken coop before breakfast to gather eggs for the day.

  • Outdoor Ping Pong: If the weather is nice, ask us to roll the ping pong table out to the driveway, and enjoy a game with family or friends.

  • More Intense Fitness: A five minute drive from the inn, you can find Performance Fitness, which offers day passes and has more equipment than our on site fitness center. Click here for directions.

Hiking & Snowshoeing

  • Cranberry Meadow Pond Trail: Head out of the inn to the back of the pond, and follow the signs to Cranberry Meadow Pond Trail. When you reach the fork near the creek, take a right and walk 1 mile to Cranberry Meadow Pond or 3.6 miles to Pack Monadnock. Or you can take a left at the fork and walk 1.6 miles to downtown Peterborough. Please make sure to carry water, a fly net and sunscreen. Click here for a map.

  • Mount Monadnock: This is one of the most climbed peaks in North America and about a 30 minute drive from the inn. From the Park Headquarters, we have hiked the White Dot Trail to the Summit. It is 2.3 miles each way, but it felt like 5 miles due to the elevation change. There are several other approaches to the summit that are even more challenging. Click here for directions.

  • Two day hike along the Wapack Trail: Park your car at Cranberry Meadow Farm early in the morning, and one of us will drive you to the trail head north of here. Hike the approximately 8 miles on day one through North Pack and Pack Monadnock mountain ranges, and finish the day at Cranberry Meadow Farm in the hot tub, the sauna, or the steam shower in your room. Enjoy a dinner prepared just for you by Carolyn, and then rise early in the morning for a hot breakfast and then to continue to hike the remaining 13 miles of this 21 mile long hike. Call us 30 minutes before you will reach the end of the trail, and we will pick you up and return you to Cranberry Meadow Farm, where you can spend another night or depart.

Arts and Culture

In Or Close to Peterborough

  • The Harris Center connects people to the natural world through land protection, education of all ages, conservation research, and programs that encourage active participation in the great outdoors. Click here for directions.

  • MacDowell Art Colony: Providing essential support for emerging and established artists by bringing together diverse, multidisciplinary talent to exchange ideas and pursue creative work. It  is  only  open  to  the  public  one  day  per  year  in  early  August. Click here for directions.

  • Sharon Art Center: A vibrant space where artists and the public come together to work, learn, shop and appreciate fine art. Click here for directions. 

  • Hot Glass Art Center:  a state-of-the-art glassblowing studio and education center offering demonstrations, workshops, glassblowing lessons, rentals, and continuing education classes for all skill levels.  There is an onsite gallery with handblown glass pieces by local artists. Click here for directions.

  • The Knot Hole Woodcrafts: Beautiful bird houses just up Wilton Road from the inn. It is run by Jim & Lynn Thibodeau, but please call him Sarge. Click here for directions. 

About a 2 hour drive from the Inn

  • Clark Art Institute: One of only a handful of institutions globally with a dual mission as an art museum and a distinguished center for research and higher education, dedicated to advancing and extending the public understanding of art. Click here for directions.

  • Mass MOCA: One of the world’s liveliest centers for making and enjoying today’s most evocative art. Click here for directions.



Dairy, Beef, Lamb, and Chicken Farm


  • The Grouse Woods at Red Gate Farm: Hunt with your own dog or as a guest on our guided bird hunts where you will be accompanied by exceptional gun dogs. The grounds and low cover are ideal for Ruffled Grouse, Woodcock, Hungarian Partridge, Chukar Partridge, and Ring-necked Pheasant. Click here for directions.

Skiing, Zip Lining and Mountain Sports

  • Mount Sunapee Resort: Great mountain for skiing, zip-lining or mountain biking about an hour drive from the inn. Click here for directions.

  • Pat's Peak Ski Area: A medium-sized ski area located about 45 minutes from the inn. Click here for directions. Click here for directions.